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how hemaway helps


Our unique, patented seat is extremely easy to use. The HemAway Seat is used to relieve hemorrhoid pain and discomfort each time a  hemorrhoid prolapses -- or protrudes -- outside of the rectum. This very commonly occurs after a bowel movement or strenuous activity. Our unique seat design uses your own bodyís weight along with gravity to allow the hemorrhoid to gently return to its normal internal position. There are no messy ointments to apply, painful bands to secure, or complicated devices to use. With HemAway, you can save thousands of dollars on costly and inconvenient doctor appointments, surgeries, or ineffective products. HemAway seats are easy to order online or by telephone from the privacy of your own home.


HemAway is a painless treatment that alleviates the agony of prolapsed hemorrhoids within a matter of minutes. The HemAway seat is a patented, FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment for relief of hemorrhoid pain and pressure. There are no torturous bands, no embarrassing visits to the doctor, and no need for unsanitary and unpleasant touching of your hemorrhoids. You can avoid distressing surgeries that can result in permanent disability and/or side effects. With HemAway, experience freedom and pain relief within the privacy of your own home or when youíre on the go.


Customers who use HemAway are able to reclaim their quality of life almost immediately. Unlike other hemorrhoid products that mask or numb your pain, the HemAway seat corrects your condition by gently retracting the hemorrhoid into the rectum. This provides immediate relief from pain and swelling. HemAway is the answer to your suffering.